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Twenty years ago, when I decided to produce cosmetic accessories, I noticed that only a scarce attention was paid to this kind of product: the market offered only low quality items that were offered to the shop customer only after specific requirements.

Furthermore there were no producers offering a complete range, able to satisfy all market's needs and a pharmacy or a perfumery was obliged to buy products from 7/8 suppliers in order to complete its accessories range.

The basis of the Beautytime's big success was the possibility to recognise and give value to the cosmetic accessory.
Cosmetic accessories are indispensable for a correct use of skin cosmetics, so is important to give them the same attention as people usually do for other cosmetic products.

Beautytime offers more than 115 references, each of them is projected and produced not only in compliance with the highest qualitative standards, but also through a careful study of packaging and stands.

We always like to repeat our slogan: give more value to the product you display.