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We strongly believe in the value defined as “Italian Style” and we strongly underline it on all our products.

We take care of the whole production process: we carefully choose our suppliers and impose a philosophy based on the maximum attention to maintain our quality level. We demand that the products are created in accordance with our strict specifications, defining in detail in which way the Beautytime branded products must be produced.

Each Beautytime product is completely designed and developed in our designing laboratory, then we choose the proper supplier for producing that specific item by carefully analysing not only the quality level of his production, but also his ethic behaviour.

Beautytime doesn't exploit juvenile manpower and demand to their suppliers the respect of proper hygienic condition on the production site and of proper workers treatment.

Our production philosophy demands also the animal life respect. To this reason our brushes hair are obtained from periodic shearing of sable, Tibetan pony and goat. This process causes no harm to the animal itself. For the same reason, our natural sea sponges are fished leaving at least 7 cm of sponge on the base, allowing them to survive and grow again.